With years in the industry, S.A. Towing & Recovery has grown to include a variety of services and benefits to offer our clients that include:

  • Multiple types of towing vehicles including rollback towing trucks
  • Ability to tow or recovery motorcycles
  • Fleet real-time tracking for location and dispatch coordination
  • Dedicated Spotter vehicles equipped with online recovery database access
  • 24 hour video monitoring & Security
  • Transportation to auctions that include Overnight Storage
  • Long and Short Term Storage [Unlimited Time]
  • Out of Town REPO ORDERS that yield negative results accrue No-Charge Fuel Consumption
  • Call Outs
  • Real-Time Skip Tracing Technology and Surveillance Team Scouting
  • Results-Oriented Agents / Reconnaissance Scouts that provide high target recognition
  • S.A. Towing emplys the DRN CAMERA SYSTEM that Fortune 1000 Financial Institutions rely on to mitigate risk and provide real-time vehicle location data which revolutionizes the automotive recovery process thus substantially increasing portfolio returns
  • DRN’s Recovery Network yields the most productive results for auto asset returns by combining the ability to capture assets earlier and lowering operating expenses
  • S.A. Towing is a RDN NETWORK FULL USER which grants us FULL PRIVILAGES that elevate the entire concept of “Loss Mitigation, Recovery, Title Processing, and Asset Dispositions” to a higher plane of efficiency. This results in increased recovery rates, decreases recovery times, decreases re-titling turn times, and decreased re-marketing times. Other local  “recovery competitors” utilize the LIMITED RDN Network user interface as a cost saving measure for themselves which results in limited performance for the client!
  • We are a S.C.A.R. CERTIFIED SPECIALIST which is desired by major financial institutions within the lending industry. S.C.A.R. Certification is an invaluable “tool” in managing risk and reduces the liability associated with the repossession process.
  • Automotive License Plate Recognition (ALPR) DRN Technology that include cameras that deliver the ability to read vehicle license plates at the fastest and most accurate rate available which is able to check them against a continually evolving database of recovery targets.
  • Agents are well trained local professionals and are able to perform in a diverse community that may on occasions require the ability to communicate bilingually
  • Agents are trained in verbal de-escalation to limit the possibility of confrontations.
  • Agents carry NO FIREARMS and have no violations of Texas Penal Code 42.01(a)(2) (Breach of Peace) Breach of Peace would include intimidation, threats and violence used to retrieve the vehicle
  • Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation Member

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Additionally, all technology and information cited is substantiated and available for review.

Spotter vehicle